Navigation in Brazil is supervised by the Brazilian Navy and the port captaincy. In addition, federal law 9.537 / 97 and regulatory decree 2.596 / 98 establish rules, violations and fines. Leisure navigation, however, regulated by ordinance 101/2003 of the Brazilian maritime authority, establishes the rules for speedboats, sailboats and Jet skis.

You have to be very attentive and follow the recommendations. If a boat driver, the pilot must be qualified according to his category (Arrais amateur, amateur master and amateur captain).

Below are the 10 commandments of safety at sea, valuable tips for those who want to sail:

  1. Perform a correct and periodic maintenance of your vessel;
  2. Have on board all the salvage material prescribed by the Captaincy of the Ports;
  3. Respect the vessel's capacity and have life jackets on board for all crew and passengers;
  4. Keep fire extinguishers in good condition and valid;
  5. When leaving, inform your navigation plan to your Yacht Club, Marina or Naval Condominium;
  6. Drive your vessel with prudence and at a compatible speed, to avoid accidents;
  7. If you drink, pass the command to someone qualified;
  8. Keep away from beaches and bathers;
  9. Respect life, be supportive, give help; and
  10. Do not pollute the sea.

As a captain, sailor or crew member, always try to be attentive to all the information provided by the manufacturer of your vessel, the Brazilian Navy and the captaincy of the ports in your jurisdiction, follow all the recommended safety tips. Your safety depends on you.

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