When buying a new Speedboat or renovating, do I save using automotive PU paint or is it worth investing in the Gel coat?

The finish is among the details that need to be observed when choosing your new Speedboat or renovating it. Among the paint options there are, we will address the Gel coat and PU paint. Both are very similar in the final result, but there are important differences.

Gel coat is a type of resin (it looks like a thicker paint), applied through the painting process, which works as a color coating and also as a protection. After being applied, it resembles a crockery. Also used in painting airplanes.

Currently considered the most efficient and durable method for industrialization or recovery of vessels produced in fiberglass, Gel Coat is composed of a mixture of polyester resin with a series of mineral fillers and pigments that provide a smooth, shiny finish and a well colored uniform. It has medium viscosity, is resistant to impacts and wear, and offers extra protection against UV rays that prolong the durability of the paint and gloss.

Unlike conventional automotive paints, Gel coat is applied in thicker thicknesses and requires less pigments to achieve the desired color. Another advantage is that it can be sanded and polished easily if stains appear, unlike what occurs with conventional paint that requires more care, and does not have easy recovery, in addition to suffering premature fading, which is quite common with some automotive paints. .