Coral 43

Type of motor
City Center
Max / Min motorization
740 / 450 HP
Average consumption
2x 4.2 320HP Diesel - 45 L / H
Day / Night Capacity
Weight without motor


Vessel laminated by infusion, industrialization process that leaves hull and deck much lighter and more resistant.

  • Closed bow and equipped with 2 beautiful bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen
  • Motorization of rabeta center
  • Standard Hard Top (HT)
  • Gourmet space at the stern equipped with a glacier, sink and place for electric barbecue
  • Follows the new updated external lines with Prime finishes
  • Option of submersible hydraulic platform
  • And much more, check out the Specifications tab
  • Wood Free / 100% GelCoat
  • Highly customizable
  • 10 year Structural Guarantee!
"With more than 13 meters in length, the model has a large cockpit, with a double seat for the pilot, space for meals and sofas for the passengers, as well as a gourmet space at the stern. The HardTop makes the boat even more comfortable in inclement weather.

(Nautical Magazine)

Minimum motorization 2x 225 HP
Maximum motorization 2x 370 HP
Maximum Capacity (Open Sea) 14/04
Performance (2x 4.2 320HP - Diesel)
Cruise consumption (L / H) 60
Average ride consumption (L / H) 45
Water 310 liters
Fuel tank 500 liters
Length 13,46m
Boca 3,40m
Pontal 2,17m
Draft 0,60m
Right foot of the cabin 1,90m
Weight without motor 4.100Kg


  • Finishing with isophthalic gel-coat.
  • Stainless steel drain plug.
  • Battery box.
  • Side with nidacore and biaxial sandwich system.
  • Stern mirror with renicell sandwich system.
  • Solid bottom with monoblock structure composed of shafts and stringers.
  • Molded with fiberglass-reinforced polyester resin and biaxial fabric.
  • Fuel tank.


  • (03) Stainless U-Bolts;
  • (06) Fender supports;
  • Finishing with isophthalic gel-goat;
  • Coral 43 stainless steel adhesive;
  • Resin identification stickers;
  • Anatomical double seat for the pilot and companion to starboard;
  • Fiberglass hood for tank access and machine sharing;
  • Complete electrical harness with independent circuit breakers;
  • Console with refrigerator and trash can;
  • Sofa in the bb cockpit;
  • Stainless steel access ladder to the sea with 4 wooden steps;
  • Gourmet space at the stern with sink;
  • Side flange with stainless finish;
  • Tall young guard with four fencing supports;
  • Soundproofing;
  • Bow anchor;
  • Control panel with resin adhesive to receive instruments;
  • 12V function panel with resin adhesive;
  • Front windshield in laminated glass with aluminum structure with access door to the bow deck;
  • Floor with anti-slip molded in fiberglass;
  • Stern platform with sailboats;
  • Circuit breaker board;
  • Water outlet with stainless finish;
  • System attached to the deck for natural ventilation of the hold;
  • Self-draining deck system;
  • Sofa in "L" at the stern with underpants under seat;
  • BB sofas with under seat paddlers;
  • Targa built into the deck.


  • Air 12.000 marine byus;
  • Articulator in the pilot's seat;
  • Bar a be holds acrylic bottles and glasses;
  • Engine compatible battery (one battery for each engine);
  • 170A service battery with charge relay;
  • Fresh water pump;
  • Bilge pump with automatic (2 x 500);
  • Horn;
  • Charger 70 AMP;
  • General key with fiber box and acrylic door;
  • Stern shower;
  • Mooring cleats in the bow, stern and midship;
  • Shower on the stern platform;
  • Complete upholstery;
  • Exhaust fan in the basement (for gasoline engines);
  • flap;
  • 4kva marine generator;
  • GPS 4 ″ with color probe;
  • Led lighting;
  • Complete hydraulic installation;
  • Interior with lowered lined ceiling for sound insulation;
  • Electric winch kit;
  • Stainless steel anchor launcher with cleat in the cable box;
  • Reached led light;
  • Led navigation lights;
  • Stainless steel flagpole mast in tare;
  • Removable teak coffee table;
  • Acrylic cup holders;
  • Acrylic deck access door with stainless steel frame;
  • Sliding door to access the cabin;
  • Clock Fuel gauge with float;
  • Automatic fire extinguishing system;
  • Sound system with AM / FM antenna and 04 speakers;
  • Freshwater hydraulic system with pump, stern shower and sink faucet;
  • VHF system with antenna;
  • Double reclining solarium in the bow;
  • Fresh water tank;
  • Special carpet or Jet Deck in the cabin and deck;
  • Acrylic canvas awning;
  • Pier outlet without isolator;
  • Chrome faucet in the aft sink;
  • 32 ″ TV, DVD, refrigerator, microwave;
  • Special steering wheel with steering system;


  • Overhead cabinet with location for sound and dvd installation.
  • Cabinet with L-fiber countertop and place for installing refrigerator, stove and microwave;
  • Stainless steel base for table installation;
  • Ladder for access to the deck with non-slip fiberglass;
  • Led lighting;
  • Wooden table with stainless steel tube;
  • Sink with stainless steel tub and faucet;
  • Sofa with curtains under seat;
  • Lowered lined ceiling for thermal insulation;


  • (01) Cage for ventilation and lighting;
  • (02) Windows with articulated side portholes (01 on each edge);
  • Double bed;
  • Bow on the bow;
  • Led lightning;
  • Personalized wooden furniture;
  • Wooden door.


  • (02) Windows with articulated side portholes (01 on each edge)
  • (02) Single beds () or 1 double bed ();
  • Wooden cabinet with bb;
  • Mirror in the midship;
  • Led lightning;
  • Wooden door.


  • (01) Round side porthole for ventilation and lighting;
  • Cabinet under the counter with door and frame in acrylic;
  • Teak countertop with stainless sink and cupboard;
  • Sewage pump with automatic;
  • Box with acrylic door;
  • Shower;
  • Hygienic shower;
  • Mirror over the washbasin;
  • Led lighting;
  • Retractable trash can;
  • Decorative tablet;
  • Wooden door;
  • Towel holder;
  • Electric maritime toilet.


“Your best memories will be aboard a Coral”

All speedboats produced by Coral, from 16 to 50 feet, follow the same quality standard, our boats have 1 year of Total Guarantee and 10 Years of Warranty structure, a true war tank of the seas, with all safety, sophistication and comfort that you and your family deserve.

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