In 1990 CORAL was created, a 100% Brazilian shipyard, located in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Its initial operations involved only the manufacture of small boats, up to 18 feet. The boats produced drew the attention of the nautical market due to their design, sophistication and proven quality, providing smooth navigation, recognized and spontaneously shared by our customers.

Since then, over the years, the CORAL shipyard has been investing more and more in product development and today, 30 years later, it has in its portfolio speedboats from 16 to 50 feet, with options between cabin and open bow with cabin and bathroom ( a brand exclusivity!). On vessels from 33 feet, as a differential there is the option of replacing the conventional targa with the Soft Top (ST) or Hard Top (HT) models. A success in the current market!

All this history makes CORAL one of the most important and respected shipyards in Brazil, always with a confirmed presence in the main fairs of the Brazilian nautical sector (Rio Boat Show and São Paulo Boat Show).

Its sustainable growth was based on four main pillars: Product, Quality, Honesty and Relationship. Topics present in all commercial relations with the brand. Each project is conducted as an exclusive project by the team, which rejoices and vibrates in the delivery of each vessel and in the fulfillment of many dreams.

The Coral project sector does not stop, always in search of the best options in comfort, safety and sophistication of its line of boats, to offer you, lovers of the sea, the whole experience of sailing in a Coral.

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CORAL's shipyard is located in the metropolitan region of Rio de Janeiro, with an industrial area of ​​approximately 6.000 M².

We prioritize the health and safety of our customers and employees, always seeking to maintain a balance between product development and environmental preservation.

It has a wood free system, which consists of not using structural wood in the manufacture. Another point to highlight is the use of special resin layers for the Skin Coat, which reduces the absorption of moisture in the hull. No automotive paints are carried out on the vessels, all pigmentation is applied in the color determined by the buyer, in a gel coat at the beginning of industrialization, increasing resistance by 100 times compared to traditional painting, in addition to offering a much longer useful life. According to international standards, blankets, biaxial fabrics, reinforcements with Divinicell, Renicell and Coremat are used in the lamination. All vessels are industrialized in the monoblock system, that is, after pre-assembly, the hull and deck are welded, providing greater resistance, durability and less noise in navigation.

In the 38-foot versions, the vacuum infusion lamination process is applied, currently considered the most innovative process in the nautical industry, used for the construction of high performance and quality boats, it produces structural lightness and an extra degree of resistance. This stage completes the manufacturing quality process of the Coral Speedboats.

The greatest proof of recognition for the CORAL shipyard is the satisfaction guaranteed by customers, more than 2000 vessels produced over these 30 years.

Speedboat Coral 50 HT


Coral offers 10 years of structural warranty and 12 months of total component warranty (the only one on the market with this practice).

It has a call center for call records and its own specialized teams to perform calls, from low to high complexity. In addition to having immediate replacement stock of the main parts, thus reducing the interval of completion of calls.

The shipyard additionally provides extra assistance for repairs and revitalization of various vessels, offering quality service at a fair price.

With Coral, the only concern you should have, is with the wind in favor and the destination to sail ... the rest, Coral solves it.



Coral guarantees the satisfaction of its customers with regard to the cost / benefit ratio, in addition to monitoring the industrial process, from the project of your dreams to sailing, to the delivery of your new vessel. Get to know the details and differentials of the Coral line, surely one of them was tailor-made for you.

Coral technical assistance offers all the convenience of service and excellence in services, be it minor repairs or complete refurbishment. We use the best raw materials, the best accessories and we also employ skilled and prepared labor for all types of repairs.

Founded in 1990 manufacturing small vessels, our shipyard has evolved over the years achieving excellence in production and gaining space in the nautical segment of luxury vessels up to 50 feet, becoming one of the largest and most respected shipyards in the country. Coral guarantees the satisfaction of its customers.


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